Update from Mr. Jack’s temp foster home:

“He had a great first night here. Ate well, drank well, peed, and pooped well outside. One little pee accident in the house. He settles so well near our feet. He had some crate time over dinner and just now before bed, he protests for about 5 minutes and then quiets down well. Eric is in love – I knew he would be.

He likes to follow Phoebe and Fig around. Fig is a little wary, but he should open up in a day or two like he always does. Simon was very anxious and stressed, the best place for him tonight was his crate. He processes things so well there and was very calm when watching Jack from there.

Our laugh of the night was Jack barking and pouncing at the head of romaine lettuce I had put out for Skittles. He did NOT like that big green thing on the floor lol! He was a brave boy and pawed at in a bit (I was right there to make sure he didn’t try to eat it) and then found other things to chase after haha.”