Miss Agatha!
This is her after her first play date.
It has been a week since I picked her up.
A lot of progress & learning – on all sides! – has been had over this past week.
1) we have learned that while she has been fantastic in her crate overnight, she is not housebroken. My own Dane pup and the other dogs along with the humans in the house are showing her the ropes. She will get there.
2) she is learning proper social communication plus manners – while still bossy at times, she is learning that no one wants to play with her or be around her when she acts inappropriately.
She is being ignored or wonderfully corrected by the dogs when she acts like a boob.
She is now overall playing great with my Dane puppy, my IS & Mr. Romeo. She is going to have to earn the attention of other dogs for her bad manners are not encouraged nor tolerated by the clan.
3) she is excellent about us placing her bowl in her crate for feeding – she is eating much slower too as she knows no one is going to threaten or tease her.
She eats in peace and then has quiet time in her crate afterward.
She happily runs in, sits, and waits with a wiggly butt for us to feed her.
We are going to move from a slow feeder to puzzle feeders shortly as she is not wanting to eat as quickly.
She generally loves food plus treats! Being a petite framed girl, extra important to make sure she keeps her waistline.
This will be great mental stimulation for her!
So…..if anyone may be open to donating a puzzle feeder her way – hoping for two varieties! – we would be so grateful. 
4) she is learning to share the communal water bowls and dog beds – thanks again Jill C. for spoiling her with her own bed!
Thanks also to Rachel E. again for the gorgeous collar from Wiggle Bumz!
She does not have the self-control as of yet to share communal toys. That is a big ask of her at this time, yet we will get there.
She thinks she owns everything….it is not just about her thinking something is of high value.
She is making so many good choices since her arrival!
She is responding beautifully to the clear open communication, the structure, routine, obedience, the consistency.
Her first play date today made me proud of her. She certainly has a mind of her own, and you could see her thinking about how to have things her way.
She compromised, negotiated, and ended up having a grand time! She is smart this one!!!
We will be scheduling more play visits shortly!
We want her exposed to so many things to help her become that well-balanced girl. An asset to the home plus community.