Miss Agatha(4.5 months old) is being shown the 3+ acre yard ‘ropes’ by one of my own Danes – Miss Agatha is a bit older than my Dane.
It does not take long to learn a lot about a dog when you can get hands-on……
1) Miss Agatha needs to learn how to do proper dog-to-dog communication – she is bossy, resources, has poor play manners – our water bowls are communal, and we will NOT go after the other dogs.  She even went after my Dane puppy. That was quickly corrected.
We have rules, we will live in harmony, and we will not have any dog be higher in the hierarchy than any other dog.
Puppy license only goes so far, and resourcing does not fall under the puppy license for us humans or the other dogs.
She is going to be fed in her crate – having wonderful quiet closed crate time now after having a small supper. She will learn that she will be fed enough, fed on time, and that no one – human or animal is going to touch or take her food – at her age plus past, she can interpret this as threatening and/or teasing. She will not hesitate at this moment to growl, or lunge at anyone – dog or human – who she feels is threatening her with anything that she feels is high value – in this case, food, water bowls, and even toys.
AND I most certainly am not going to allow her to develop resourcing behaviour over me.
There is more than enough time for her to learn trust plus respect, and how it works both ways, and that we will be able to take things from her without issue WHEN we need to. Many dogs feel safer and have more self-control eating in a crate or spot closed off from whatever they feel may threaten them.
That the water bowls, toys, etc., are for sharing. Always have been and always will be.
She has a slow feeder bowl, and she ate very well from it. No frustration or issues at all. I put the bowl down and was able to lock up the crate gently with my hands near her face/bowl without her feeling stressed. Good girl!
2) Miss Agatha needs to learn manners – she jumps on humans – which is not acceptable.
3) Miss Agatha has a backbone – while initially coming across as unsure – she is not as unsure as we once thought she may be – from what we have been told about her past. She is a bit shy and uncertain yet, quickly reassured, passively ignored, and off she goes.
It is a very rare dog that can come into a large multi-dog home and just want to ‘take it over.’ At 4.5+ months of age, she is one of those dogs and a puppy to boot.
Soooooooo, she needs to learn manners, self-control, and direction, and while the majority of our dogs will walk away, thank goodness we have several that are going to teach her far more than we ever could in how to conduct herself. They will correct her….and appropriately plus effectively.
4) She is a bit high maintenance. She has latched on to me as ‘her person,’ and we are working on sharing the Gwennie. She looks to me for amusement, assurance, stimulation, etc., and she has to learn how to self-amuse, self-soothe, self-comfort, and learn not just to like yet love her own company.
We are not doing any of these dogs any favours by allowing them to call all of the shots, to baby them, to feel sorry or pity for them, give them way too much attention – yes, that is very possible and happens to a lot of dogs.
Anxiety and separation anxiety, in particular, are very present with her just waiting to go from simmering to overflowing, and we are going to teach her to manage and modify this so she is not worried. That there is no reason to be anxious. She will learn that she is ok and is going to remain being ok.
She has four very strong legs, with an equally strong backbone plus heart, she is smart – she watches me closely, she thinks, she sizes things up and sorry Miss Agatha, I ‘GOT your number.’ I will not be manipulated, no matter how adorable you may look! 
She is a Dane that if you give her an inch, she is going to pull that inch into a mile and take all that she can. She is so good ‘at working a room.’
She will learn that she is not the center of attention, and that is not to the benefit of any dog.
Being a puppy is not an excuse for poor manners, behaviours….it can be a reason for why a dog is a way they are – and, the answer is to work with those reasons towards effective resolution. Miss Agatha, you and I are going to have plenty of ‘conversations’ as we work towards helping you become the best puppy you can be….. 
AND Miss Agatha it is NOT ok to urinate on a dog bed. That is indicative of one of four things:
1) a UTI
2) that you know you are not supposed to urinate in the house
3) demonstrating a strong behavioural marking trait
4) letting us know that you are displeased – which I know you are as welcome to BOOT camp! 
Oh, Miss Agatha….I am so happy to finally meet you….this is going to be an adventure!