Miss Agatha(Aggie) – 19 weeks
Born: December 23rd, 2021
The latest update from her lovely foster home: “She’s doing so well and is an active puppy when she’s not napping” & “Aggie has a super healthy appetite and is growing bigger everyday.”
Gwennie will be picking her up on May 13th, and she is scheduled for her next Vet visit(re-weigh, boosters, next flea/tick/hw/de-worming meds) on May 14th.
She is also booked for her spay in mid-June – yes, as stated earlier than we as Giant Breed experts would prefer, yet, we will not do any conditional adoptions, approve a home and leave her intact to be spayed later.
We have never had a dog in our program become pregnant. We shall remain responsible and not take any chances of this possibly happening by adopting her out before being spayed. Too many stories from too many groups of dogs being adopted intact, and then dogs getting pregnant or impregnating other dogs, or the rescues then getting into a legal battle with the adoptive home to enforce their contracts.
We are excited to finally get to meet her!