Miss Lilly!(DEAF/Visually Impaired)

She wants to say that sadly, despite being Available For Adoption since May 28th, 2020, there has been extremely little to no interest in her.

She is an incredible Dane. Just a super special, big personality, active, really affectionate, playful, gentle, caring, good with dogs, people, and not to mention a stunningly beautiful girl.

She needs an experienced, structured, consistent, patient home. She will take a mile if you give her an inch. Do not blame her……she is smart, adorably manipulative if you let her be! 

Therefore, Miss Lilly wishes to say that come to the end of May of this year if she still remains as being Available, her loving fosters – The Boerskins, will be moving her to the BHRR Haven program.

She is cherished, lacks for nothing, and will continue being given every opportunity in experiences, and adventures to help her reach her full potential.

She makes us laugh every day…and at the end of the day, if her right matched personality fit home does not come along, that is ok. She is adored by so many fans, supporters, and us!