Mr. Lewis!
A shadow he tries to be, and he is learning more and more about how his own company is ok, to like himself, to self-soothe, self-comfort, and is now going in and out of his crate at will spending time by himself….
He can now be found laying comfortably in it with the door open.
He is recovering well from his neuter. Eating and drinking, and only one accident he has had in the house. Good boy!!
From living in a barn to a loving home, is an adjustment for sure.
He is much better with women over men – men make him freeze up but he is warming up faster, wagging his tail more, and when he forgets his troubles, he can even run and be playful. So joyful to see!
He is deeply loyal to whom he feels is his ‘person’, and we are working on continued exposure to many things as we do not want separation anxiety or the development of any possible resource issues.
It is a process….decompressing, learning about helpful kind loving hands.
One small step at a time my dear man…we got this and we got your back.