Miss Agatha(Aggie) – a 3-month-old Great Dane – was at the Vet on April 11th.
She was weighed – 17.2 kgs(37.84 pounds). She is a ‘small’ giant as can be often the case with backyard-bred Danes. Her conformation is also indicative of that for as we know the first thing lost when dogs are not bred to standard is the headpiece.
Regardless, she is such a very pretty wee thing and at her current weight, we anticipate that she will be 100-110 pounds fully grown. This could change as we all know!
We ran a fecal sample – the results have not yet been reported, and Gwen will reach out to them. We will ask for the complete records/notes that were done too.
Her exam was normal per the Vet that did see her – we will continue to assess as she matures/develops.
She began her de-worming/flea/tick/heartworm protocol.
She was not due for vaccines – as is often the case with some breeders, one of her vaccines/de-wormings was given off label, and not by a licensed veterinarian. We will ensure that proper protocols are followed moving forward.
We have her booked at our Vet on May 14th, and we will get a re-weigh, her next doses of flea/tick/hw meds as her weight will have changed plus she will be due for boosters/rabies. Another exam will be done also.
Thank you to her wonderful temp foster home for doing such a great job with her!
We know plus appreciate that there is a lot of interest in her, yet she is not yet Available For Adoption, and shall not be until we fully vet her. We do not cut corners, and this includes having her spayed prior to being placed up for adoption. We do not do conditional alter(spay/neuter) adoptions. While we would love to wait closer to 11-12 months, and before her first heat to spay her, she will be spayed younger than that.
We are still tracking the two litters that we whelped in 2016 & 2017 as the courts that oversaw those puppy mill seizures required pediatric altering, and to date – one litter is 6, and the other turns 5 this fall, are all doing fantastic!
As we get to know her, we will learn best what home will suit her as that right matched personality fit home. Almost everyone loves puppies yet, they are not all meant for everyone.