BHRR's Apollo had his annual tonight and was given an A+! He weighed 68.3 KGs(150.26 pounds) and I do not desire to see any more weight on this boy at this time. His Vet concurs. I always find it very difficult to see some of our previous adopted dogs with how fat they had become in their new homes. As I have blogged about more than once, they are not being done any favours in being fat. One should always be able to faintly see that last TWO ribs on their Great Dane and their Dane should have a clear waistline.

BHRR's Apollo made everyone giggle as he drank right from one of the sinks in the prep room more than once! He is always such a HUGE hit at KAH and even had a play session with his Vet's Dobie.

There was more than one comment about how happy he is and what a great dog he is! AND more than one person also indicated how much they would love to have if their own circumstances were different.

His Rabies + DAPP are now good until 2014 and in 2012, he shall require another HWT.

Saturday is his next CWW swim session and then after a rest, he and I are going for a walk/hike with some of our wonderful BHRR Volunteers. He is going to have such a grand day and I am really looking forward to this social human and canine interaction myself.