BHRR’s Mr. Chester(5.5+ months old) had his x-rays under sedation to assess his hips/knees plus mouth.

He weighed 115.94 pounds.

The IM sedation did not work for him so we had to place an IV catheter.

He was also given pain and anti-inflammatory meds plus sent some to go with his temp foster home.

His mouth looks good! The broken tooth was a deciduous(baby) one and the root has re-absorbed. YAY! The rest of his teeth also look beautiful.

This is one of his x-rays – taken of both hips. It confirmed what we suspected all along, especially the left hip. We also took x-rays of both knees.

The x-rays have been sent on to Dr. Philibert, our ortho specialist plus to Montreal to advise.

However, this is not our first situation with canines like Mr. Chester.

We pretty much know the options, yet we believe in being proactive plus responsible and showing proper due diligence.

We also know that we have an incredible former approved adoptive home that has expressed interest in adopting him, and we hope that he can be placed up for adoption. Yet, like Miss Olive, he may end up being a permanent Haven Dog.

BUT, one step at a time.

His Vet Bills on Thursday were just under $700, and any donations to his continued mounting vet bills can be made via PayPal to or via email transfer to

GENTLE REMINDER: Carol Bruck Purdy Chocolate Fundraiser for Mr. Chester is still running & ENDS March 22nd!!!

Total Raised To Date: $365.56
Their Goal: $1,000

One of the supporters of the rescue has decided to host an Easter Fundraiser with Purdy Chocolates to help with his care.

Did you know Purdy chocolates are made with sustainable cocoa and Canadian owned!

Please consider ordering your special person/people some delicious treats this Easter, you will be helping him too!

What you’ll need to order:
  1. Our campaign number: 62133
  2. Go to our fundraising website:
  3. Click “Join Campaign”
  4. Shop, shop, shop away!

Thank you EVERYONE for your support. Even if you can’t buy chocolates from us, it would mean the world if you could share this fundraiser link with everyone you know!

Happy chocolating!

Pick up is in the North End of Brockville.