As mentioned Mr. Lewis was at the Vet on Monday, the day after we picked him up.
Thank you to his emerge temp foster JoAnne Eaton for bringing him in!
As promised, here is a copy of his Vet Bill. We continue to strongly believe in transparency and full disclosure. We blocked out his emerge temp fosters private information.
His weight was a really skinny 41.85 kgs(92.07 pounds).
He was such a brave boy at his vet appointment.
He has meds for a hot spot, has a healing wound on his shoulder, the bloodwork we did is normal and the tick-borne disease/heartworm testing we did was negative. They feel he requires a dental, and when we have him neutered, we will have the opportunity to look much closer in his mouth.
They feel that he has a Heart murmur Grade 2 and if need be, we will have him seen by a cardiologist. Many murmurs are harmless.
He was given meds for de-worming, heartworm/flea, and tick preventative.
We also began his vaccine protocol.
The even wrote into his Vet chart how nice he is! When Gwen called today to pay the attached bill, the staff members knew immediately who Gwen was talking about after just saying her name/our organization. They spoke so wonderfully about him.
He will be back at the Vet in a few weeks for more vaccines, a recheck on his weight – we do not wish to neuter him when he is not as healthy as possible, to pick up more preventative – we keep the dogs on yearly, listen to his heart again etc.
As with all of the dogs that we are entrusted with, we go up and beyond to make sure that all of their needs are addressed.
Any donations to his and Mr. Simons mounting Vet bills – Mr. Simon is back next week for his next Vet visit, can be made via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to

Thank you in advance for any possible consideration. The vetting is far from over……