What a bittersweet adoption. Who am I kidding, they all are!!
It was such an incredible rehabilitation journey we had together Mr. Symba.
You were surrounded by a BHRR village strong in support and belief! 
Instead of one blown cruciate that we were told you had, you actually had two, and everyone rallied without hesitation to help us get you whole and healthy.
You are such a happy, chill, handsome dude and have come so far in learning to trust, not only to like yet love your own company, and to ask for affection.
You built up wonderful muscle mass plus tone, and the more confident you became, the more your fantastic personality began to shine.
BHRR’s Symba, you are truly a one in a billion dog, and I am so humbled to have earned your trust. Those gorgeous eyes are filled with such trust plus happiness now.
This is not the end dear man, I know you are a bit worried….this is the beginning of your next beautiful chapter, one that I know you are a bit unsure of yet, I know YOU GOT THIS!
You are ready, you are worthy and I am blessed to have been there to lend a kind caring hand getting you to this point.
Your amazing forever loving adoptive home will continue building upon the important foundations we built, and they will help you to continue being the best version of yourself!
I adore you and yes, I already miss you…a big hole left in our hearts plus home tonight BUT you are now filling up another’s hearts plus home with your fabulous self! 
Thank you Cassy Montgomery for doing this home visit with me!