It is time……….Frost ‘T’ has eaten barely anything in the last couple of days and has become a little more weak. He no longer can lie on his side to rest and I know in my heart when he is looking at me; that it is now time and he is ready. He has not had any particular trouble breathing and is in good spirits yet I know in my heart & soul what he is saying to me. The light in his eyes has changed. I will be calling my Vet’s Office tomorrow to make the best, most calm and safe plus wonderful time for him. I wish peace for him and one of the techs I work with has offered to come to my place if need be so that our good-byes are as loving and warm as possible with minimal strain/stress to him. I wish all my data on my computer had not been lost for I have very few pictures of him now………..It will be some time for me to be able to compose his memorial for I have not even had the ability to do Snowball’s as of yet and Frost ‘T’ is just going to set me into a tailspin of utter despair plus devastation. Frost ‘T’ has defied the odds in surviving almost 14 months of miracle making memories/history by living as long as he has including four bouts of pneumonia and having had the sheer quality of life to boot. However; to me; he will always be my heart. There will never be another dog like Frost ‘T’ who does not have a mean bone in his body and even at his lowest of health; he has always retained a wag and special smile of love for those around him. I have never met such an incredible creature whose spirit just lit up any room he graced and for all of his height (almost 41″) he was the kindest and gentlest of beings that would nuzzle a small baby with such sweetness as to melt the most hardened of souls out there. He was a dream dog, one in a zillion+ and while many other dogs would have fought long before now in taking 53+ pills a day; Frost ‘T’ did it with no issues as if he knew that he needed them to continue to fight the good fight. I just positively adore this boy and the most unselfish gift I can give him is to now let him go for when he lies in bed with me at night; I see it in his eyes and he deserves the right to go with dignity intact and that shall be done. If ever there was a dog that was ‘man’s best friend’; Frost ‘T’ was mine and until our paths cross again; I hold dear to my heart & soul the memories we have built up together my dear friend. HEARTS TO YOU!