Yesterday marked another bad day for Frost ‘T’, making it 5 days now in the past 22 days. sigh…He has pretty much eaten nil, save for some beef and has preferred to eat snow over drinking water WHICH we all know that is not good! His eye is looking really good; though very dilated and we are suppose to go back in tonight for a recheck yet I am quite ill myself right now. When I feel his ribs etc., he feels like he is a bit more weighty yet on days like this; all the forward movement we have just stops abruptly. HE just loves all of this 20+cm of snow that we received on Monday. He is also running a slight temperature at this time though his feet are very chilly. He is finding it hard to breathe in this sudden -29 degree C weather. I am worried about leaving him this weekend though I know he is in excellent hands with Sean. Frost ‘T’ has also begun to find it harder to stay on his side(his favourite sleeping/resting position) for he will make some low groaning noises (the best that I can describe it) and then either shoot to a standing position or lying on his belly. It is really strange but now I know within a day when he is going to have another bad day and yet there is nothing I can do about preventing it. 🙁