Frost ‘T’ might have glaucoma but more likely that it has something to do with his heart which I had already felt and the Vet agrees that the circulation etc is most likely the cause. He has lost another 3 KGs(54KGS now) of weight in the past month. I was honestly surprised it was not more. He was wagging his tail, eating liver treats and drinking water from the sink and after another long hard discussion with the Vet; we are going to give him some more days to see if the Atropine and Pred will work. The problem with the Pred is now it will expose him back to Pneumonia but we need to get some of the inflammation down. He has so much blood in his eye that you cannot even see the lens. The Vet felt that if WE can get him to eat; he will have more time. He has stopped eating any kind of kibble and has been eating wet dog food and home cooked meals. I have just begun to switch him to RAW. He is on Flagyl (5 pills 2x daily) as is for his chronic diarrhea for being a double merle SN’s baby; he has also come with an immature digestive and immune system so as many can experience some diarrhea in the switching to RAW(from what I have been told); he would make no difference to him with his system being that he already has the CD. So, we will see if it spreads to the other eye or if he vomits up more blood(he did a bit last night) and he is not a candidate for surgery if it is something that surgery might be able to fix. He is hemorrhaging behind that eye and we need to avoid a clot and the building up of pressure. I told the Vet that if this has anything at all to do with his heart that I am not going to put him through anymore. That eye is clearly not comfortable for him and as the Vet said ‘he is protecting it’ and he is already deaf plus visually impaired and he is a bit worried now around the other dogs as he can see almost nothing now out of that eye. She said that yes he is thin and yes, he is on that slow slide down but he is still have quality and to see if the Atropine and the Pred will help. He has now had 4 bad days in the last 19 days. The problem will be with the sun(the whole front of our house is also windows due to passive solar heating) and what the Atropine does is enlarges the pupil so that it is dilated like sometimes the eye doctor does in exams. He refuses to wear his doggles and has been that way for quite some time. The Vet feels that we need to give it a couple of days to get a better idea if it is heart related or not. She agreed that it was not an injury(how could it be – the poor boy is not out running like a maniac these days) and did a lot of research on how best to move forward. I simply adore this dog. IT was so hard; I had a special blanket and was prepared that this might be fact every time I have brought him in over the past month has been a very big reality of possibly having to put him down and it is HELL! I had the kids say good-bye along with Sean and we took more pictures.  I am trying to stay so objective here and everyone at the Hospital said that he is having quality of life as he was not depressed, he had head up high, tail wagging and yes, he was pale in the gums as he has very poor perfusion and is thin 119.68 pounds (54.4KGS) now down from 62.20 KGS last fall which is up from the mere 40sometingKGs he fell to in December 2005. HE so loved sticking his head out the sunroom(one of his most fav things to do) and so I blasted the heat, drove through the local McDonalds and Timmie’s(great coffee place for those that drink coffee, I don’t!)for his usual admiration and loving plus treats(though he does not eat them) on our way back home. When I got home; I began to really sob for Sean had put on the door with the kids four posters that I have to take a picture of ‘WELCOME HOME FROST ‘T’. WE LOVE YOU!!!’ Frost ‘T’ has had nothing but good days since last Tuesday and the meds are working well on his eye. He is not liking the ‘texture’ of the RAW food as I already suspected yet we are trying to persevere. He was eating almost 11 cans of wet dog food a day and no kibble. He did eat almost a whole chicken on Saturday so that was awesome!!! He has taken to wanting to pay in short bursts with Thor and has shown some interest in toys again. I will be taking him back in on Wednesday when I am back into work myself for a re-weigh, re-evaluation plus just to hang out. I am posting a couple new pictures of Frost ‘T’ below as well.