Tonight, BHRR did approved adoption #428!
BHRR’s Mr. Maxwell – the ~10 year old Boxer 
We are small, mighty, and after almost 26 years of rescuing in these trenches, another amazing doggie is in their forever-loving adoptive home.
We have never focused on the adoptions at BHRR, always worked to focus on assisting the next in need of us, and if they are deemed adoptable, great; yet, we are committed to them for the rest of their lives regardless.
With our Haven program being enormous compared to our adoption program – so many dogs that need safe harbour for their lives – it is really special, and a bit bittersweet when a dog is placed into a right-matched forever loving adoptive home. Truly a lovely feeling overall!
Thank you to Leanne Berard McDonell plus Cameron for assisting me on this home visit to make it official.
As is often said, the best kind of fail is a FOSTER Fail!  Yup! BHRR’s Mr. Maxwell’s wonderful foster home submitted an application to be considered as his right-matched forever loving home…..AND they are!
Mr. Maxwell, I am extremely happy that you remember me, and seeing you again brought me so much joy!
I am very thrilled that you have a doggie plus kitty sisters, and I am equally delighted that you bring many great smiles to the faces of your humans.
You have overcome much in your life, and since you arrived into rescue, you were promised that you would never lack for anything, that you would only know kindness, love plus joy. That you would always receive the best in care.
You are an exceptional boy. A personality that is incredibly charming with eyes that reach to your soul. You are simply magnificent, and it has been an honour being here for you. How could we not mention how unbelievably handsome you also are!
We are excited to see how you continue to settle in plus anticipate with such joy the future chapters of your life.
We adore you Mr. Maxwell………
Congratulations to all!!!
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