BHRR’s Miss Olive!
This is one of her favourite spots to just sit……..a gorgeous accessory to any fireplace! 
Thanks to everyone’s extreme generosity, the funds from the amazing 50/50 Lucky Square Fundraiser that Katherin kindly organised is going to go towards helping to pay for a portion of the November bills for Miss Olive.
Between her Proin, Gabapentin, Deramaxx, fish based food, baby wipes etc.,, her monthly bills are just shy of $1,000.
At this time, this stunning palliative Saint continues to hold her own…..we know that her incontinence plus hind end issues have been worsening, yet as long as she is having stellar quality of life, we are standing strong by her side to ensure that she lacks for nothing! 
She also wishes to ask people to consider donating to our 14th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction. Please EMAIL.
We need to: have at least 1 pic, a description, value, starting bid plus pick-up location(s). 
We are hoping to raise enough funds to pay for Miss Olive’s December and possibly January’s monthly bills. 
Our annual Auction begins November 27th, and thank you to Katherine, Kelly plus Alison for the wonderful donations to date……We are really grateful!