Mr. Brutus was at the Vet today for a recheck.
He weighed 49 kgs(107.8 pounds). He is eating three meals a day – fish-based food due to his allergies. Still quite thin.
The Vet did a tear test on his right eye, and he does have dry eye. He changed up his eye medication to Maxitrol. It contains a steroid, dexamethasone plus two antibiotics, neomycin sulphate, and polymyxin B sulphate. The Tobramycin he came with sadly, was not working.
He is also now on an eye lubricant. Lubrithal Eye Gel.
The medication will be used on both eyes.
His right eye has more entropion than the left, and we will revisit once the inflammation goes down plus when the cloudiness clears up re: if he requires surgery.
We did an ear cytology plus thoroughly cleaned his ears. He has yeast plus bacteria in both ears, and KT treatment was used.
The antibiotics for his skin – Cephalexin 500 mg BID will be extended another week for his hot spots, especially on his neck.
He was such a GREAT patient!!! So many admirers he had today! So many amazing compliments on his fantastic temperament.
Despite, him looked like a ‘hot mess’, everyone could see just how gorgeous this boy is!
We are working on his flaky, dandruff-filled dull coat too…..he is beginning to have some tiny areas of new hair growth coming in, so progress!
He will also remain on 2 tablets of the Apoquel 16 mg daily and re-visit once this round is finished.
The shelter had given him Cytopoint injections and that is good for a month.
He was so sad in this picture – a bit blurry, I know! – as we left all of his newfound friends behind! He liked being the centre of attention, AND he is super nosey! LOL Wherever there was action, he wanted to know what it was all about. He has such a delightful personality.
Quiet and calm yet a bull in a china shop with those lack of leash manners! That is a work in progress! 
We are STILL ISO: a foster for this outstanding senior.