Got him!!! 
We see zero Dane in his physical traits, just 100% stunning American Bully….it also always makes us giggle when people say a dog is huge and when we see them, we are like ‘what a nice wee giant!’ The weight on his paperwork is 56 kgs(123.20 pound), AND he is skinny.
We will be at the Vet for a visit ASAP, and we will post an update on his medical conditions. He is booked for September 27th. He is on Apoquel, Cephalexin and has eye drops. He was given cytopoint injections this week – 130 mg at the shelter. The shelter also generously neutered him on Tuesday, September 14th, and sent us a kind message afterward that they did so! What a lovely surprise! How unbeliveably kind is that of them to save our rescue funds from having to neuter him ourselves.
This transport was very heartwarming today!
So many wonderful souls came together to make this rescue happen….I remain humbled by the big kind caring hearts of so many!