BHRR’s Jamila Update:
On September 2nd, Miss Jamila had further specialist assessments.
Her right eye has a cataract and will need to be removed. The left eye was hard to say as being a DM – double merle with those deeply recessed pupils – hard to get a good look yet, with both eyes being that typical milky white, the Vet pretty much feels it also has a cataract and will need to be removed.
Discomfort/pain is caused by the inflammation that accompanies cataracts as the protein structure of the lens changes. Inflammation of the eye, if left untreated, may also lead to glaucoma which is very painful for dogs. She is on prednisolone acetate drops every 8 hours.
We figured we would have to do a bilateral eye enucleation yet not due to cataracts. We felt that as she was a DM they would both need to be removed – recessed pupils, entropion, Microphthalmia that leads to painful chronic infections.
She is older than the 3-4 we were told she was. 6+ maybe. Does not matter to us, never does. We stepped up to assist when asked and we have been committed to all of her needs 100%.
Ears were cleaned again and more meds for eyes and ears. Her ear infections are from yeast and fungal spores. Ketoconazole was placed into both ears and we will do yet another ear cytology 2 week post-treatment.
Heart looks ok – x-ray posted – nothing like DCM noted yet, she does have bronchitis and very early stages of pneumonia- the latter part not surprising based upon how poorly she has felt since arriving. She has been placed on Clavamox.
It is hard for a dog to eat and drink normally when they are feeling like crap. For those that are not aware, a Giant Breed dog can drink about 10L of water a day. Miss Jamila is currently drinking on her own 500 ml/daily.
She is eating some a/d and recovery wet – it costs us almost $125 a case, so if anyone wishes to be a canned food rescue angel to help us purchase this food for her; we would be incredibly indebted. She is now eating about 2 cans of food a day with some kibble mixed in.
We have 8 cans of food left. Each can is 156 g.
The x-ray also shows Arthritis in her spine – not surprising as we know she is older than stated.
This x-ray shows that she does have stool and gas and that night, she had her first normal-sized Dane poop!
Unfortunately, her mature spay and lumps removal to then be set off to pathology has been postponed. It had been scheduled for yesterday. We need to get her healthy first yet, pyo is a big concern.
We are anxious to have those lumps removed and to have them sent off. The needle biopsies that we did showed some squamous cells.
We are equally anxious to get her spayed – an overbred female of her age, also being extremely special needs, a Giant – puts her at risk and in having the big concern for pyo and mammary cancer. Yet, we will not proceed until she is stronger plus as healthy as can be.
We remain so grateful to those that have stood by her/our sides. With your generous donations including through our fundraisers, we have been able to pay off all of her bills to date. Her bills have run us into the thousands since her arrival, and if seeing her happy plus healthy means we have to spend thousands more, we will. Her life before rescue was horrible, and we will ensure that her life is now one of safety and happiness plus health.
We shall continue to post updates and donations to her future bills – our Movie night will see all funds donated to her too! – can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966
OR via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to
Her mature spay/mass removal/histopathology will cost close to $1,500.
A bilateral enucleation will cost $3,500+ as this will be done by a specialist – we plan on using the same one that did our 3 deaf/blind mice(Dr. Philibert).