Mr. Maxwell!

He was at the Vet for a recheck on August 28th.

He weighed 34.4 kgs(75.68 pounds).

We did a FNA on the one lump – a lipoma is what it is.

The other two growths are melanomas.

We did a repeat UA – infection is still present yet, slowly resolving – and the Vet has extended his Amoxicillin another two weeks once this round of antibiotics ends.

His head tilt is not yet explained and it has been confirmed that he does have some neuro deficits.

So, today, he went to his foster home and while our intent is to have him perma-fostered, his Vet did fall in love with him as did his daughter who is back from school. His wife is not yet ready for another dog – they have owned boxers for decades – AND that is ok!

He is such a sweetheart and having him in our own home this past while made us miss Mr. Potterman, Boxer extraordinaire!