Frost “T” actually has had a few hours of straight rest(on his side which is his favourite) since we increased his dig .25 of a pill twice a day. He is still pretty much non existent in the eating and tonight I tried tuna, his old favourite of french baguette(do not want to give him overly much for fear of expansion in his belly) and roast turkey along with some beef stew. HE ate most of that but refused to eat any of his dry dog food. AT least he ate something. I made an appointment for 1:30 PM today and should he not eat well at breakfast tomorrow; I will bring him in. I have been so appreciative of the many emails and calls from wonderful people who are really pulling for Frost ‘T’. AT the very least I want to bring him in to have him re-evaluated as it has been a week plus to get a new weight on him. Sean was almost reduced to tears when he saw him after a week of being away…………..I ended up getting to bed at 4:00 AM yesterday waiting for Sean and the wee one’s to come home and when I went to lie down as Sean was still about 4 hours away due to two accidents he was caught behind; Frost ‘T’ was up every hour either having to pee, could not breathe or had diarrhoa. I will gladly forgo any rest for Frost ‘T’ as long as he is healing and bouncing back yet I am not at this time sure he is really progressing and try to remain as objective in my medical training as possible to continue to make the right decision. Today marks one year since Frost ‘T’ began a whole new journey and may we find the strength to do the ‘right’ thing for him moving forward. WE took more pictures of him tonight to continue with our precious memory making. All I want for XMAS is for him to be ‘ok’ and for whatever that means; I will support. I simply adore this boy. There is no other way to put it and right now he is giving me ‘fish’ breath kisses telling me it is time to cuddle! 🙂 Today marks his one year ‘miracle survival’ mark and it so filled with emotion.