For those who have not yet seen Tamee/Jane’s post, BHRR’s Jamila is in Canada and being safely housed plus loved with Jane until I can meet up with her tomorrow.
I am beyond indebted to so many that have come together to assist us in saving her. We were her last hope and this is an honour to bring her into our Rescue.
We will now investigate her eyes further plus those lumps due to the limitations of the vetting in Egypt. We will recheck her ears and also assess her heart as DM’s Danes are prone to heart concerns too.
I am so in love with her already…..I am very excited to meet her. Jane says that she is super sweet!
Such a pretty little thing! 
We will post the grand total shortly of what was raised today – yet, I must extend heartfelt thanks to Cherie, Aaron, Loralei, and Sean for being such troopers in this 43-degree heat/sun that we had today! It was brutal, yet, they were incredible and I can say that the grand total raised between the $650 in donations received from generous folks not able to be in attendance to the amount raised today at the event; is over $2,000! WOW! Tears of such humbled gratitude have welled up more than once…..
Despite the weather, people came out and bought and ate and chatted and laughed and we could not express enough thanks to all for their life-saving support!
We cannot continue our important work without our village and we are filled with immense thanks to each and every kind, caring, and loving soul!!! 
We will announce grand total along with detailed thanks once we are showered, rested, and recovered….the temperatures out there today were insane!