This happened today!
BHRR’s Mr. Percival was ADOPTED!
What a long journey this has been for all of us and he is now with his forever loving adoptive home.
We remain so strong that every BHRR animal needs to be placed into their right matched personality fit home. We took some negative hits from a few re: this possible approved adoption – distance and time thanks to COVID – and we worked to stay true to what was in BHRR’s Percy’s best interest.
COVID kept trying its best to keep delaying what was meant to be…..
Then, the long exciting anticipated visit had to be postponed from August 7th, yet today magic did happen. 
Mr. Percival and this home have waited a very long time to meet in person and though, I could not be there, Sean Boers thank you for helping to make this happen.
Percy, you deserve all the best in the world.
Your life before rescue was one of darkness and pain.
Our promises to you and this shall remain true now that you are adopted are that you shall never suffer from neglectful or hurtful hands again, you will receive the best food, the best medical care so that your skin plus body never suffer once more.
You will never know anything other than the softest of beds, the kindest touches of love, the spoiling of treats, toys, beds, and the soothing balm of caring words to continue to heal your heart plus soul. You shall have space and property to run and play to your heart’s content. You will have visits and grand adventures to continue to show you that the world is far more amazing than cruel.
This home will keep showing you that you can trust and that you are safe.
You are adored by so many that came together to assist us in saving you….and we have added another WOW human family into the BHRR fold!
My eyes sure are leaking today….darn allergies!