BHRR's Lily Belle's hv has been postponed from tonight and we will update her blog as we can re: her 'PENDING ADOPTION' status.

Below is a photo of Sunday's GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike! Some of us are behind cameras taking the group shot. 🙂 We were 14 in attendance! With 4 others also 'there' yet were very late and were unable to find the 'herd' of us. So, just under 20 that came out on such a glorious spring day!

BHRR's Lily Belle & BHRR's Porridge were in attendance from BHRR and one of our already adopted Great Dane's; BHRR's Koop also showed up with his new forever loving family! Our next walk/hike is scheduled for May 15th and if you are interested in being put on our 100+ member invitee list; please email. We have been organizing these walks for over 15+ years now and they are always a blast. What makes it this way is that everyone attending are responsible/accountable dog owners. We change locations throughout the Ottawa region including going to Limerick Forest in Kemptville plus to Contstance Bay Beach in the summer. 🙂