What a beautiful day to be at Leanne’s lovely home with her equally beautiful young daughter for our latest driveway event! THANK YOU! 
We are still expecting an email transfer, plus we need to return some empties and then we shall announce the grand total raised today!
All monies raised shall then go towards assisting BHRR’s Jamila – AKA Angel!
She did have a Vet visit today, and she is battling ear infections that require antibiotics. In the videos that I was sent, she was always shaking her head, so I suspected that she might have ear concerns.
Bloodwork has been done (blood chemistry), and she does have high globulins plus a low BUN reading.
Her tickborne disease plus heartworm bloodwork came back negative, and tomorrow we should receive her CBC results.
This is her at the Vet Hospital, and thank you to Bilkes for all that she is doing to get her ready for travel!
The tentative date to fly is August 21st, and we will then have her immediately seen at our Vets in Canada to investigate her eyes plus several lumps. They do concern me, yet there are limitations where she is in Egypt as to what they are able to do.
Here is the gofundme link to her fundraising page! Thank you from our hearts to all that have shared and/or donated to date! Even $5 is NOT too small!
Our next driveway nail trim/ear cleaning event is not until August 15th in Brockville at Katherine’s location, and on August 21st, we will be hosting a huge fundraising event at BHRR!