Was at the Vet’s last night with Frost ‘T’ as he did not eat on Tuesday and has eaten very little since, he is lethargic and just weak. We are running electrolyte and digoxin levels and his lungs are clear WHICH is awesome news……but he has lost 4.6 KG (almost 11 pounds) of weight in 10 days. He is now 57 KGS. He is drinking and still only 5% dehydrated so that is good. His temperature is very low normal 38.3 and the normal range is 38 – 38.9……We got him to eat some wet p/d and liver treats while we were at the Hospital. So, I brought 4 cans home and of course watch him just eat the wet and leave the dry….. According to the Vet he is not yet in congestive heart failure and while he is clearly in a slide and said that I would be doing no wrong either way I went with him and also said that perhaps we should give him the weekend at least to see if he can recover more. We might also get another ultrasound to see about damage to the heart and especially to some of his cords and valves. I asked the Vet very plainly if Frost ‘T’ was suffering and he said no but that is clearly not in great shape and that he is ‘max’ out in the levels of the 5 heart meds he can be given…there is no more that he can be given without everything just shutting down on him….He will be going back in on Monday for the day for monitoring and more testing….AT least the pneumonia is now gone!!!! With Sean and the wee one’s in NB, I did not wish to be bringing my baby Frost ‘T’ home to bury and not have my support system at home to just ‘be there’.