Today was bath day!
I also did bring in a first AM sample of urine from Mr. Romeo to work on Friday.
His specific gravity was 1.043 so he remains concentrating well.
I did a full UA in house on him and nothing abnormal noted – I had another Tech confirm my findings too. Neither of us could locate any struvite crystals and it is normal for their urine to have some, so, if we had located a few, it would not have been alarming.
We did not see any red or white blood cells either.
We still sent off a sample to the lab – IDEXX to do a culture & sensitivity test.
He has found a new hobby too – he and Mason’s GSP have figured out how to dig under our gate and fencing at the front of the house and get into my freshly turned over soon to be new gardens! 
Digging up holes as big as them causes no end of delight AND when we fill in around the gate/fencing, they will then jump it – yup, 6 feet clearance no problem!
HOURS of fun! Loveable brats!
Gosh, his mug is adorable and those eyes!