Miss Aramis’ x-rays.
Just as I was pulling into LAH, poor Miss Aramis had another vomiting episode. 
You can see the gas and the poop plus how inflamed things are.
I began to now get concerned re: bloat.
The first x-ray we did not have her stomach in it – she is a Dane! – and had to take a second picture.
The view is left lateral.
No obvious obstruction was noted – not all things can be seen on x-ray though – and my gut still felt strongly that there was an obstruction.
The Vet on duty was very kind to take time away from their appointments to review the x-rays and felt that there was inflammation with no obvious obstruction noted.
Recommendations given – Cerenia subq for nausea/vomiting, fast for today and begin bland diet tomorrow, hydrate, use sulcrate every 8 hours and begin metronidazole tonight. They felt that Miss Aramis would be back to normal tomorrow
Next update to come shortly – with graphic pics…..