Mr. Romeo was at the Vet last night.
He now weighs 15.2 kgs(33.44 pounds). I would be content to see him at 35 pounds and want him to remain lean.
As he is quite young, he may fill out a bit more as he ages and also continues to muscle plus tone up and then he may end up weighing a smidge more. He may not be giant in body, yet, he is giant in heart, affection, soul and spirit!
He had a thorough exam – nothing abnormal noted and he had his boosters which included his first Lyme vaccine. He will be due for a booster of the Lyme in 3-4 weeks. We make sure that all of our dogs are properly vetted prior to being placed up for adoption.
He is now up to date on his rabies, DHPP, bordetella plus lepto.
He continues to concentrate his urine normally and has now only had two accidents in our home since I picked him up on Saturday. Both times, was in his crate at 4:00 AM as I did not get to the crate fast enough and he peed a bit yet, finished peeing outside!
We have not had any limping issues while he has been with us nor was anything seen by his Vet at his visit last night. We had been informed by his amazing foster home that he had begun to limp with them and they had put him on NSAIDS – Metacam. So great news from his Vet visit last night and we shall continue to monitor things closely!
We also picked up more flea/tick/hw meds for him and the Nexgard Spectra also has a great de-worming proponent to it.
He is such a character! This is his face as we were getting ready to leave home to go to the Vet last night.
He is going to make a truly outstanding addition to that right matched forever loving home when it is his time to make his own special announcement.