Got him!
BHRR’s Mr. Romeo!
AND it was not until I actually had my hands on him that my feelings that he is quite possibly a Boston TerrierX could be true.
The way he moves, plays and sounds…..the way he jumps; so reminiscent of a Boston YET, truly, no one knows! He is a gorgeous wee mystery!  I work with someone that has owned Bostons for decades – they also think that Mr. Romeo may well be a BostonX.
Thank you immensely once again to his emerge temp foster home for taking great care of him until we could get him closer to us!
On Tuesday, he will be at our Vets for his boosters, a re-weigh and to further investigate if necessary his frequent urination – we only just got him here so we will see how things are with us plus we were told that he had been limping for a few days, so we will look into that further as necessary too.
Once we get things figured out for him, we will hoping that a temp foster home in our area would like to love on Mr. Romeo! If you are interested, do let us know.
He is dog and people EXTREMELY friendly.
He is about 35 pounds and he is social, a real character, sweet and is already fast making friends with some of the dogs here – BHRR’s Athos and he are like mantle bff buds and you know Mr. Romeo is a special gem of a dog when he makes Mr. Caramel feel comfortable! The dog that is terrified of new things and thinks every new dog is out to eat him….so proud of you Mr. Caramel for being so brave!
Mr. Romeo loves my own two wolfies and the 2nd of the three Musketeers, BHRR’s Aramis also!
I already know that this boy would make an excellent agility, fly ball and/or, obedience companion. If he is still with us come June; I am very tempted to try dock diving with him. 
He is delightful, small, affectionate, getting toned up in muscle and mass plus is lean…..
He loves to snuggle and cuddle and would make a great movie watching, book reading family member!
As I get to know him better; I will get a better idea of his interests, good and bad habits – he has demonstrated his voice today! 
Karen – he is every bit the love that you said he was!
Sonyia  – I agree, he is literally almost the perfect little dog AND thanks for the heads up re: scaling fencing….yours may be 5 feet yet, he has sure been looking closely at our own 6-9 foot fencing too!
I am on the lookout for a martingale collar for him. I do not have one small enough in the extra donations sent my way.
If anyone would like to sponsor him for a Wiggle Bumz collar, do let me know! 
Let the adventures begin!