Please note!!
If the kind caring woman who called Liston Animal Hospital today  – follows our website – to put a donation down on Mr. Symba’s bill; please note…..
I recently received a message from one of their technicians today who apologised immensely as they said she could not find him in their system…she was spelling his name with an ‘I’ not a ‘y’ and could not find him. She really feels terrible and apologises!
They feel really bad for not being able to find him YET he is there in their system!
He has had two surgeries there for his TPLO’s and we have posted his receipts/bills from Liston Animal Hospital also as documentation.
Liston Animal Hospital is now closed until Monday yet, if you wanted to call them back then, they would be extremely happy to take your call. 613-591-0966
Your consideration to his bills really means a lot to us and to him!!