What a day! BHRR’s Symba had his 2nd TPLO surgery today.
We have good news and not so good news that we are going to work to turn in the end to good news.
I am attaching some pics of him – top is post-op – LOVE the tongue. Bottom left is getting his leg prepped for surgery and bottom right is as we were doing catheter placement under sedation.
The second picture is of his Vet Bill. That is part of the bad news. 
Good news first – his surgery went well! YAY!
Bad news – his meniscus was badly torn and beyond repair. Per Dr. Philibert; it was far worse than expected. 
It is not abnormal for there to be meniscus damage yet, in Mr. Symba’s case, it meant even more time under anesthesia, which in turn, meant more cost to his overall Vet Bills.

His final Vet bill – posted – shows almost $1,000 more than we had been estimated for. 
To attempt to avoid myself exclusively begging and pleading as usual and knowing that we shall not be able to begin to host our 2021 Annual Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning Drive-Way Events until April….Mr. Symba is offering up three special play visit/day dates!
While we know that this will not completely pay off all of the $955.75 remaining to be paid; it will greatly help.
As always, thank you in advance for any consideration towards his bills or having a Date with him….we would truly be incredibly grateful.
Donations can be sent to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966
OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org
OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com
*we just need to know the password
March will see us doing three more neuters plus a spay at a cost of almost $4,000.
With COVID, we continue to hurt beyond words to be able to fundraise……for example, we have not been able to host our annual Breaking Bills Bake Online Auction for 2021.
Giant Breed dogs mean Giant Breed bills….