So, today is not a good one…..
After being free from seizures for 1 month plus 1 day, Mr. Oslo is now back admitted to the TO emergency for having had cluster seizures earlier today – 3.
Thank you to his foster home for bringing him into Emerge.
This is their estimate – and Gwen has reached out to them as they are charging $60 when he has already been there once – December 30th/31st and we have been treating him for IS since he arrived into our Rescue back in October. We are now waiting to hear back.
Per his emergency Vet, he is dehydrated and they have him on fluid therapy plus seizure watch in the ICU for the next 24 hours.
Then we have BHRR’s Rocket who bloated. He is now stable.
If anyone may consider their causes to support, donations can be sent via email transfer to
OR via email transfer to
*we just need the password.
Fundraising options remain very limited due to COVID and weather and our Drive-Way Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning events will not start up again until April.
Thank you in advance for any consideration, even $5 to support their deserving causes and please keep both wonderful boys in your best wishes.