I took Frost ‘T’ to work with me today and I was almost brought to tears on his new weight. He now weighs the most he has ever weighed! 61.8 KGs(135.96 lbs). EVEN more emotional for me is that on October 19th of this year; Frost “T” will celebrate what many thought he would not ; HIS 3rd Birthday!!!! I truly am in awe of this incredible boy and to say that I am proud of him is an understatement. I am so completely owned by Frost “T” and without hesitation would do anything in my power for him. From this picture below taken in December of about 108 pounds to the April picture below of Frost ‘T’ then weighing just over 121 pounds, Frost ‘T’ has put on almost another 15 pounds and I will have to post a recent picture of him. HE looks MARVELOUS!!!! To those that have critiqued me for fighting for his life; you will have to look at his most recent picture and ask yourselves very honestly is that the look of a dog that is suffering and a dog that I should have just had pts back in December of 2005. I think you will find just as all of his supporters do; that he is doing great and that I have been most diligent plus proactive in his treatment. IF only those that would have wished him dead would have the opportunity to meet such a rare gem such as he and I welcome you to do so during our next Fundraiser on November 4th, 2006. Just 8 weeks ago; Frost “T” also became my most recently qualified Therapy Dog. What those people just do not seem to understand is that Frost ‘T’ is not ready to go and as long as he is prepared to fight; I am going to be right by his side fighting with him. As I am always known for saying; we all must make the best decisions we can for our beloved pets and I made mine not just from being as informed as I can be; but from my heart AND medically PLUS based upon my connection with Frost ‘T’ and what I know he is telling me.