BHRR’s Coupe(NewfX)


**As it was still dark when I left to drop him off, no photo from this AM taken. This is one from October.**

Today, he was dropped off to have his own long awaited – has been waiting since March – yet, COVID-19 had other plans…. – for his bilateral elbow arthroscopic ortho surgeries and possible bone debridement with Dr. Philibert.

I have also asked to have his nails and his ears cleaned while he is under anesthesia.

I know that we have been sounding like that horrible broken record on a loop yet, the animals continue to need their BHRR Village plus community.

As only a few know; I had to resign from my own Career position in October and this has also had a huge devastating impact upon our rescue efforts for BHRR has been mostly funded out of our own pockets.

We are still short about $750 for his bills. 

Donations can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password

AND if anyone may consider our cause to support, we have ever mounting bills, the newest with BHRR’s Oslo being admitted for cluster seizure activity yesterday(he has had four) and BHRR’s Coupe is now at Liston Animal Hospital for his own ortho surgeries; we have our 13th annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction in full swing:

This is our last Fundraiser of 2020 and COVID-19 has greatly impacted our fundraising efforts for 2020 and we are at a very REAL serious risk of having to permanently close our doors.***

We have been in operation since 1996 and are the local Great Dane/Giant Breed rescue whose strong focus are the special needs.

*The BHRR Auction shall end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 3rd, 2020.