BHRR’s Devin

This was one of the smoothest, easy going most lovely home-visits ever!

Thank you to the home for being so wonderful and BHRR’s Devin, we think you are going to fit in beautifully!

He was already stealing a shoe during the home-visit, so he clearly was feeling comfortable! 

Thank you to his great foster Mama, Cassy in doing this home-visit with me and to her and her great family for temp fostering him! He was in the best of hands!

With BHRR’s Oslo being admitted to EVC for emergency on seizure watch, BHRR’s Devin’s adoption fee will be used to help with his bills.

So, BHRR’s Devin you are truly ‘paying it forward!’

AND if anyone may consider our cause to support, we have ever mounting bills, the newest with BHRR’s Oslo being admitted and BHRR’s Coupe heading in for his own ortho surgeries tomorrow; we have our 13th annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction in full swing:

This is our last Fundraiser of 2020 and COVID-19 has greatly impacted our fundraising efforts for 2020 and we are at a very REAL serious risk of having to permanently close our doors.***

We have been in operation since 1996 and are the local Great Dane/Giant Breed rescue whose strong focus are the special needs.

*The BHRR Auction shall end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 3rd, 2020.