BHRR’s Olive!
Almost 2 years old!

This picture is gorgeous!!! Thank you again to her wonderful perma-foster home in sending this beautiful photo our way!

Miss Olive would like to gently remind the Santa Elves that it is time to drop off their special Secret Santa’s for the amazing BHRR doggies!

Here are the following dates/times/locations that we currently have available & please email for exact locations!

1) Anytime in our Donation Shed in Oxford Station
2) November 25th 3 PM – Nepean
3) November 27th 5:30 PM – Nepean
4) November 28th 10:30 AM – Nepean
5) November 29th 11:30 AM – Kanata
6) November 30th 4:30 PM – Kanata
7) December 1st 8:00 AM – Kanata

As I have more dates/times/locations, I shall post.

BHRR’s Miss Olive is back at the Vet herself for her next recheck in December and we will continue to update re: her palliative care status.

It is all about quality of life, not quanity for BHRR.

She is still in need of Virtual Foster Sponsorship for December.

We spend almost $900 a month on food/her medications to ensure that she is properly taken care of. This also includes regular professional grooming.

If anyone would be open to providing some sponsoring of her for the month of December, she and we would be SOOOOOOOOO thankful!

Donations can be made via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password

OR you can donate directly to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381 as she has an account there

As most are now aware, we closed our doors back in October for intake with the most recent big ortho medical case diagnosis for BHRR’s Oslo. Then, last week, we learned the devastating news that BHRR’s Symba actually has two blown cruciates…not one, prior to coming into Rescue.

AND Mr. Coupe has his bilateral arthroscopic elbow and bone debridement surgeries scheduled for December 1st.

AND twice over the last week, BHRR’s Devin has now had to receive veterinary medical care.

We truly are humbled by each and every rescue angel that has managed to help us keep operating this year to date……

We sincerely remain humbled by any show of consideration to assist us during what has been a year like no other in Rescue…. 

We have been the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue in the community since our inception in 1996 with our strong expertise being on the special needs……please consider assisting to keep us in operation for many more years to come….