This is *Nala*

She was picked up as a stray – BulldogX(Possibly Bulldog/Boxer) is her most likely breed mix….was also listed in various places as a BoxerX and a MastiffX yet, she is super small and very bulldog like and that seems to be the consensus!

No matter what she is 100% adorable!

She is blind and hearing impaired – she does hear some & has an abnormal back right leg per the paperwork

She is housebroken, vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, had two cherry eye surgeries – the one eye is not normal

She lacks manners and currently is in foster care with another Rescue that is seeking to transfer her to BHRR.

Stated to be very friendly with people and has been playful and social with the dogs she has been introduced to. Have seen a video of her and a boxer having a blast.

Paperworks says she is about 2 yet, in seeing pics plus a video, I find that very hard to believe. She is all puppy…maybe 12-15 months?!

ETA being worked on and thank you to Jacqueline once again for stepping up to be her emerge temp foster!

She and BHRR’s Dean both still need special Secret Santa’s if anyone is willing to spoil them this XMAS!