BHRR’s Devin
2.5 year old Bouvier

As promised, we are posting re: his Vet visit at work today.

He weighed 39.4 kgs(86.68 pounds). He should lose several pounds yet, nothing major.

The Vet did a thorough exam – between the staff getting kisses! – and he is a healthy fantastic boy!

The Vet did recommend a dental cleaning based upon the tartar on his back teeth yet, did not feel it was urgent to be done ASAP – something even his future adoptive home could take care of as there is nothing emergent that the Vet noted. From looking in his mouth, the Vet did not feel that any extractions are needed yet, dental x-rays would need to be done to really rule that out. However, there were not any concerns had!

The Vet went through all of the wonderful paperwork that his previous O.’s were so kind to pass along and we noted that he is already on flea/tick preventative and has heartworm plus de-worming meds also given to us by his previous home. 

The Vet was not able to find any notation of prior/recent heartworm/tickborne disease testing, so we ran some blood and it is negative.

We updated his vaccine protocol per the paperwork reviewed by his Vet and he will be back in 4 weeks time for a booster.

He is also scheduled for a professional grooming session with Melissa on Monday and is settled in with his fosters Cassy/John.

He was a BIG hit at work! HUGE! Visiting everyone and loving on everyone. 

To everyone that came together to help this magnificent boy; we are appreciative!