This picture is going down as one of my all time favs for a rescue transport!! 

As our Volunteer network is aware, we had an urgent call to us yesterday re: a 2.5 year old Male Bouvier and in standard BHRR fashion, we mobilised fast and Cassy Montgomery/John picked him up this AM.

To be proactive to stop the comments we know some may want to post and before people start sharing far and wide ‘trying’ to find his Breeders:

1) yes, his show Breeders are aware & reached out to us. It is not possible to get him back to them easily.
2) they stand by their dogs 100% and know all too well that this is not a breed for most people.
2) he was with a wonderful couple in their 80s, having over 47 years of incredible experience with Bouviers, yet; in his young happy healthy exuberance; Mr. Devin almost bowled one of them over when running and slammed into the one O.

Will make another post shortly re: his Vet visit @ EVC this AM for as everyone who knows us; we vet all of our dogs immediately upon coming into our rescue.

Welcome to BHRR, ‘Devin’!