BHRR’s Symba – Bull Mastiff
4.5 years of age

HE LOVES this Giant stuffie! He is deep in thought – he has a deep soul this boy….those eyes of his, reach right inside of you…..

He is honest and genuine and so sweet, your teeth would ache!

He has been such a serious boy that has looked quite worried and we are now just starting to see his playful, happy, low tail wag side coming out!

Yes, we have to finish renovating…this summer we replaced all of the wiring in our home with armoured wire – Sean/our electrician close friend Marcil did after obtaining all permits etc.! – and now that the inspections are all completed plus aced; time to get our walls back up!!!

Just a gentle reminder that BHRR’s Symba will be at our Drive Way Nail Trim event Thursday September 17th – 37 Dressler Drive in Kanata from 4 – 6:30 PM!

He wants to thank in advance plus in person the folks who plan on showing up, to let them know that their generosity is going to help pay for his bad leg to be fixed!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best in good night wishes are being sent!!!