Someone is having an AMAZING play date!

BHRR’s Coupe – NewfX

This wonderful home won a Day play date in our annual online date auction with BHRR’s Rain, one of our Haven Saints – almost 10 now! – yet, with the onset of cooler weather; her arthritis was acting up.

So, we offered up a date with another BHRR doggie and BHRR’s Coupe is having the time of his life! This home was once one of his emergency temp fosters. 

They are now going to love on him overnight to assist our home as we tend to a personal matter and then will drop him off at my work tomorrow.

He has even had a trip to the Pet Store for treats plus extra loving!

BHRR’s Coupe is a very popular cherished BHRR Dog – this is his THIRD Play Date from our online auction!!!

I have booked x-rays tomorrow as I want to see how his legs and elbows are doing for due to his emergency exploratory; he could not have his leg bone debridement and bilateral arthroscopic surgery on his elbows.

Then COVID-19 hit and that put everything on hold further.

Once I have those x-rays I will send them off to his ortho specialist to see what Dr. Philibert has to say in re: to if he may still need bone debridement surgery – he has been on his antibiotic regime – along with his elbows; so that we can plan accordingly for his future!!

If he is still with us come January; he will then need his next Heartworm/Tickborne disease test as he tested positive for Heartworm after we stepped up to assist him. From there, we then did a microfilaria test to determine what treatment would be best for him. As he did not have any microfilaria, he was placed on monthly HG.

This boy is incredible!!! Just incredible!! 

He is going to make a lucky home that most unbelievably amazing of additions when he is ready to make his own special announcement.

Have a great night Mr. Coupe!