BHRR’s Symba!
4.5 year old Bull Mastiff

He loves that giant elephant stuffie and BHRR’s Walters bed…. 

BHRR’s Walter is not too thrilled to share his special bed and I am working on getting Mr. Symba one of his own. 

This boy is truly a rock star, in temperament and looks! Sean says every day that he cannot stay !

If all works out, Mr. Symba shall be at our next Drive Way Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning Event on Thursday September 17th to personally thank his fans/supporters for surrounding him with love. Location: 37 Dressler Drive from 4-6:30 pm.

We are still waiting for a surgery date for his cruciate repair surgery and have our brains engaged for creative fundraising ideas as his surgery will be close to $4,000+tx.

On behalf of one sleeping beauty; warmest good night wishes are being sent from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters!