BHRR’s Devaney!
6.5 month old Black Lab Puppy
**DEAF & Visually Impaired**

Miss Devaney is ready to make her own special announcement!
For those that have followed Miss Devaney’s rehabilitation journey; they shall be as excited as we are to see her make her own special announcement!She has overcome being kept in a crate, having burns, wounds plus lesions on her neck due to being kept in a shock/prong collar 24/7 AND since her arrival to BHRR; she has not had ONE seizure; leading us and her Vet team to believe that they had been stress induced.Health: She is healthy, has had two thorough exams, been spayed, microchipped, is on monthly preventative for flea/tick/heartworm, been de-wormed, has had three rounds of blood-work done, is up to date on vaccines and has not lacked for anything! She is DEAF/Visually Impaired and nothing has held her back once she was brought into Rescue.

Type of Home: It would be great to see her in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog. She is super social so having a strong doggie social network shall be key. She is fantastic with dogs.

Home With Children: She can come to a home with older children, 10+ and said home can have no more than 2. She came from a home that had lots of very small children and the home did not have the time to spend with her and she was not properly taken care of as a result.

Prefers Men? Women?: She LOVES people! AND food! She came into rescue out of shape and fat. She is so much leaner and fit and we want to keep her that way!

The home can be a ft, pt, work from home, semi-retired or retired home. Miss Devaney is another very versatile BHRR doggie!

Previous Special Needs Experience: Previous special needs experience is not required yet, the home MUST be attentive to working to learning to communicate with Miss Devaney. She has been learning a mixture of ASL and made up hand signals.

We want her set up for success!

Good With Cats: She has proven to be fine with our Clinic cat, yet, integration is key!

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown yet, would not recommend as she wishes to play – and can play rough! – and make friends with everything/one she meets.

Grooming: I have had no issues doing her nails at work and she is easy to groom – brush out and bathing.

Car: She is fine in a car.

Housebroken/Crate Trained: She is housebroken and crate trained.

Obedience: Her manners are coming along. Our mandatory obedience clause in our adoption application will ensure that the right matched personality fit home will work to build up her trust and respect.

Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, sweet, social, playful, active/busy, mischievous. She is a puppy!

Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is ideal yet not required if that right matched home is set up for success.

Activities Suited For Her: She is smart and we would love to see her go to a home that shall give her a job to do! She LOVES the water – dock diving? Therapy dog work is another possibility.

Loves & Bad Habits: She gets into things that she should not…, toilet paper etc. and there was one incident in her foster home that she got a hold of a 40 g chocolate bar. She is a growing, learning puppy and it will be important for the home to continue her training and obedience with consistency, kindness, structure, routine. We want her to be an asset to home and to community. A positive balanced recognized obedience program – obedience is one of the least regulated professions in Canada – will be necessary per our BHRR adoption contract.

Anxieties/Worries: Not much fazes this girl!

BHRR will NEVER adopt out a dog until / if they are ready. We are not desperate to find homes for our dogs. To us, having a dog come in to rescue is one time too many and we are here to help the next dog in need of us; not flip dogs or rush through any placement.
We are a highly focused special needs Rescue and Miss Devaney needed our assistance urgently and she is beyond deserving!
We do not take in hundreds of applications and then ‘choose’ the best out of those applications. We review completed applications ONLY in the order that they arrive and ONLY a right matched personality fit application shall be approved.
To us at BHRR, Miss Devaney is MORE than worth everything and to all that have met her to date, they can confirm that this girl is a WOW dog….super special, smart, affectionate and gorgeous!
BHRR’s Miss Devaney, it has been a true pleasure to be able to assist you……AND thank you again to your fabu foster home for taking excellent care of you!
You are such a wonderful girl and are going to make that right matched personality fit home the most amazing of addition!
Thank you also to Josée Lavoie Pet Photography for the gorgeous pictures!

REMINDER: Do read Miss Devaney’s extremely detailed blog plus our adoption processes, procedures plus policies prior to submitting an application to members of the BHRR BOD to consider.

NOTE: That we are not accepting any applications to consider until at LEAST September, subject to change due to COVID-19. We will not be responding to inquiries on her, only completed applications that are submitted after we are open again for adoption application consideration.