BHRR’s Miss Volt!
She was once available for a foster to adopt situation yet, now is available for straight adoption to that right matched forever loving adoptive home!

As many that follow BHRR’s Volts’ blog are aware, she was once available for a foster to adopt situation as we worked out her ‘vulva’ issue per her specialist Dr. Philibert plus her Vet Team.
When she was spayed, she was to have an incisor extracted yet, per her post spay post; this was no longer needed! Nature took care of things as she grew from a wee puppy to a young lady.

Health Status: HEALTHY! She has recovered from her prior to being rescued situation of being electrocuted. We have also addressed her vulva issues, her teeth issues AND though, she tested Lyme positive – her QC6 levels test shows that she does not require treatment. She is to be re-tested every 6 months; remains on proper year round tick preventative(Nexgard Spectra) and gets her Lyme Vaccine yearly. Her next QC6 blood-test is due early 2021. In the spring she will then be due for her next 4DX test – Heartworm and Tickborne disease testing – which we know that she will test positive for Lyme which is why every 6 months she needs the Quant C6 blood test.

Type of Home Ideal For Miss Volt: We are seeking a home that ideally has at least one other right matched personality fit dog for Miss Volt is uber social. She will need a strong doggie social network as she LOVES to play and be around her doggie bffs.We will consider homes with children as young as 5 and prior Rottie experience is not required.If a home already has children, we do not wish to see her placed in a home that has more than 2 children.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or retired etc. She is another versatile BHRR dog!

She will NOT go to a home that seeks to make her fat or obese – yup, one of my biggest pet peeves! She is lean and looks fantastic!

Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, sweet, social, playful, active/busy – not over the top, quietly so, gentle, can be a bit pushy with her wish to have attention, if not handled properly – she has the propensity to develop SA behaviours, can be easily excited, settles down wonderfully to watch tv/movie/read a book and when it is time for bed.

Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is ideal yet not required if that right matched home is set up for success.

Good With Cats: She has proven to be fantastic with cats too! Yet, integration is key. Her last play date had a cat – she has had a play date there before without issue yet, this time she really wanted to play and be friends.

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown yet, would not recommend as she wishes to play – and can play rough! – and make friends with everything/one she meets.

Grooming: She is a dream to wash, do nails!

Car: She now loves the car! Gets in readily and settles down beautifully!

Housebroken/Crate Trained: She is housebroken and crate trained yet, does have a love of paper towels so be warned!

Obedience: Her manners are truly quite impeccable. She can still pull on the leash when she gets too excited yet, re-directs/re-focuses well.

Activities Suited For Her: She is smart and we would love to see her go to a home that will consider therapy work with her. She has the perfect temperament! She is too awesome of a dog to not share with the world.

Loves & Bad Habits: She loves her walks/hikes and to snuggle and cuddle and her one vice is hooking her front legs around yours and almost tripping you!

Or, she has been known to take the bottom of your pant leg as you walk too! Working on it!

OK, she has another vice….she LOVES to dig holes…..big ones, gigantic ones….not quite sure where she is going for she digs them in every direction!

Lately, she has also begun to jump up on people – greatly discouraged and being addressed and shall need continued positive balanced enforcing to not do this.

Is she the perfect dog? No…no dog is yet she is as close to bomb proof as any dog can be. She is truly magnificent.

We encourage her to be curious and passively ignore anything that she may show initial uncertainty.

To Miss Volt, as much as she loves people, places and things….she loves home the best! Walks on our trails, hikes, car rides, outside of the home adventures and then snacks by the fireplace/tv are her evening big moment of happiness.

OH, yeah, she still wants to climb in my shower and tub more often than not too! LOL

Anxieties/Worries: Miss Volt worries at the Vet Hospital in a run. She has spent significant time at various Vet Hospitals during her life to date to get her healthy and what works best when she has to come to work with me is to tether in in our treatment area and she is calm/quiet and amazing.

We have also used Trazodone with her to aid in her anxiety/worries. This helps take the edge of her stress level as we work to make sure her visits to work are not all about vetting – fun and people picking her up for play-dates etc.

We recommend anyone that may be interested in sweet beautiful BHRR’s Volt, to read her extremely detailed blog and our adoption processes, policies and procedures prior to submitting an application to the BHRR BOD to consider.

BHRR’s Volt is almost a $25,000 dog to date in our efforts to get her physically healthy. We have SO many to thank for standing by her and our sides as we have gone through this extremely long yet, necessary rehab journey.

BHRR will NEVER adopt out a dog until / if they are ready. We are not desperate to find homes for our dogs. To us, having a dog come in to rescue is one time too many and we are here to help the next dog in need of us; not flip dogs or rush through any placement.

We are a highly focused special needs Rescue and Miss Volt needed our assistance so badly and she is so deserving!

We do not take in hundreds of applications and then ‘choose’ the best out of those applications. We review completed applications ONLY in the order that they arrive and ONLY a right matched personality fit application shall be approved.

To us at BHRR, she is MORE than worth every dime and to all that have met her to date, they can confirm that this girl is a WOW dog….super special, smart, affectionate, deserving and have I mentioned how stunning she is?!

She is a small female Rottie and yes, her tail was incorrectly docked and to us, she is perfect in all of her imperfections.

BHRR’s Volt, it has been a true honour, privilege and joy having you with us……I shall shed many a tear when it is your time to go yet they will be so worth it!

You are a gift and we know that you will leave an incredible mark on the world!

My final note is a special thanks being shouted out to Alta Vista Animal Hospital…..without you, she would not have even had this opportunity. THANK you for saving her and then entrusting her to BHRR……THANK you to Dr. Philibert for all of his expertise and equal amazing care to her!

Thank you also to Josée Lavoie Pet Photography for the gorgeous pictures!