Someone was a bad baby! 

One five month old mischievous Black Lab puppy named BHRR’s Devaney stole the toilet paper roll at her foster mama’s!! 

Got a good few nibbles in before being busted!!!

She is just thriving!!! Her pre-op bloodwork and spay are coming up soon and about two weeks after that she shall have her own special announcement to make!

She remains not having had one seizure since she arrived into rescue. She is learning sign language and manners.

She has been such a hoot to follow with her antics and sheer love of life plus joy in seeing her having all of these incredible experiences.

From being crated almost 24/7, being placed in a prong and shock collar 24/7 that caused burns and wounds on her neck to living a grand life as any animal should be living makes me so happy for her!

Thank you’s being shouted out once more to her fabu foster family!!