BHRR’s Devaney, 5 month old black lab(Deaf/Visually Impaired) and her foster family older big ‘sister’!

I cannot say why or express in words how much this picture touches my heart!

From almost 24/7 crating, wearing a prong and a shock collar that burned and created lesions/wounds on her neck prior to rescue to living her best life!! This picture just screams freedom and contentment.

She loves the water!!

She remains seizure free with not having had one seizure since her arrival into rescue. Stress and trauma based remains the biggest suspicions to why she may have had them prior.

She is scheduled for her pre-operative bloodwork plus spay August 11th at which after she heals, we will work on her having make her own special announcement!

I remain greatly enjoying hearing about all of her adventures plus antics with her foster home!

She is such a typical lab puppy!

Thank you to her incredible foster Family for all that they are doing for her! They have not allowed me to pay for food or treats for her either…unbelievably generous!