Next in need of BHRR!

I year old unaltered Male Giant Schnauzer. Born June 11th, 2019

Owner surrender. He is way too much dog for them, lacks manners/training, has resourced the female owner and also toys or anything he feels is high value since they got him at 7 weeks of age..

Mr. was already very nervous of him and went to take a high value item away and dog snapped; made a connection and Mr. got two punctures from the dogs canine teeth. Mr. did not require sutures yet, is on oral and IV antibiotics.

Breeder will not take back. Breeder said to put him to sleep, Mr. wants him put to sleep and Mrs. feels he has potential. Her deep love for him prompted her to reach out for rescue assistance.

As a GD/Giant Breed strongly focused special needs rescue – medical and/or behavioural; he represents 100% the kind of dog we are here to assist.

BHRR has assisted many Giants Schnauzers over the past 25 years and look forward to his arrival.

This is a strong breed and in the wrong inexperienced hands, not the setup for success for home/dog.

ETA being worked on.