This lovely Miss is scheduled for her first surgery on June 25th. It shall be bilateral entropion surgery and we will take x-rays of her hips and knees and send them to ortho Specialist, Dr. Philibert.

While she is under, we will also do a mature spay plus give her a much needed manicure/pedicure.

AND prior to her surgery, what girl does not love to go to The Spa?! She is scheduled for a pampered pooch spa treatment on June 21st to make her feel and look her best heading into her first big surgery.

Her foster mama has been doing an amazing job with brushing her out – I have seen the pictures! – and this professional grooming session will enable her to look/feel even more beautiful!

At BHRR, we spare nothing for the dogs in need of our highly specialised programs and the lovely Miss Olive shall be no different.

We are still working on some Fundraisers and will update ASAP!

Thank you to all of our friends, family & supporters for helping us fight the good fight to remain in operation. We are the oldest operating Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue in the area – here since 1996!

AND yes, that is a huge strand of drool on her face while we were at work!