BHRR’s Royal Blu!
Another uber handsome blue Great Dane in our BHRR Haven Program!
In seeing his photo vs. BHRR’s Fred, you can see the difference betwen the euro blood lined Danes vs. the american blood line.
*AND that is not dirt on his chest. It is his drying drool from the few moments we took to do photo’s! Those big flews of his create a lot of drool! Not for the faint of heart!*
He awaits patiently to have his own bilateral entropion and cherry eye surgeries, a Dental plus to also have surgery on both of his front legs. – this picture does not show the true severity of his biltateral valgus deformity as we worked to show off his beauty over his current extreme medical conditions. 
If you read previous blog posts; you can see the x-rays of both of his front legs that we took upon his arrival into our special needs rescue program.
These are the animals that you are supporting with your kindness plus generosity!
Here is our givinggrid fundraiser link as we remain in great need of your support for Ottawa just announced that no public events can be held until at least the August, therefore, our biggest annual fundraiser of the year that we host in July cannot be held. 
If BHRR, operating since 1996 is going to withstand this COVID-19 pandemic and continue to help those that most other groups cannot or will not; we urgently need your help. 
Donations can also continue to be made via PayPal to or via email transfer to and all of those donation totals are being added to our giving grid fundraiser total….
With the postponing of our annual Microchip/Nail Trim/BBQ and so much more event; we have had to up the total in our givinggird fundraiser that we need in order to keep operating. 
Extremely difficult worrisome times.